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Multiple Rewards?


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Just re-read the rewards, it's plain and simple, you get the reward based on which faction wins, except for the tier 3 one where you get a blueprint if the faction won which you did not support. So you might get a machete wraith and the corpus pistol or the other way around.


EDIT: wait my bad, it's confusing me as well now xD I believe all tier rewards will be determined by who wins the overall war, not like segments you win this now and that then, so if you play corpus all the way but grineer win, you get machete wraith and a blueprint to their pistol.

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Nevermind I read it for the 10th time.

Tier One Rewards

U get a badge for whatever team you choose after 5 matchs
Tier Two Rewards
Complete 25 missions of any side,

Get a Machette if Grineer win get a vibrator if the corpus win

Tier Three Rewards
Complete 100 missions, Get whichever reward ...


I thought if we fought for a certain faction we could choose what tier 2 we recieved as in if i helped grineer id get the machette my mistake.

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