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Loki Revisit: A Trickster, Revised

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So, Loki is currently dated.  Not bad, just dated.  He's saddled with two very handy abilities and two not-so-handy abilities.  Let's see how we can change that around and still keep our OG sneakyboy.

Statistics:  Unchanged; Loki's good in his 'frail wizard' role.

Passive:  10x Wall Latch and Aim Glide time.


  • Spoiler


    • Cost is left unchanged
    • On death, the decoy now explodes and blinds all enemies within 25m in LoS to the Decoy (Will not trigger if Savior Decoy activates, or if Decoy is simply recast; It HAS to die first)
    • Decoy's gun will now compel whatever it hits to fire exclusively on it for 3/5/7/9 seconds



By making the Decoy able to draw aggro to it's position, and giving it a use as a blind nuke, this should hopefully make the Decoy worth casting outside of Defense.


  • Color filter and muffled sounds are removed, bringing it in line with Octavia and Ivara's invisibility abilities
  • Otherwise left entirely unchanged

Invisibility in it's current state messes with Loki's perception, and that feels like an artifact from back when he was the only Warframe with invisibility.  Since he's lost that niche, it's best if he lost the strangeness.

Switch Teleport:

  • Knocks whoever Loki Switched with down and disarms them
  • Gives an ally a 50% speed boost for 3 seconds on teleporting them
  • If used on the Decoy, will cause both it and Loki to emit a blinding pulse for 2/4/6/8m
  • If used while Invisible, an ally will gain Invisibility for 25/50/75/100% of the remaining duration

Switch Teleport is, frankly, not worth using at all in it's current state.  Giving it synergy with Decoy, letting it do something aside from 'move an enemy', and letting it act as a support ability might salvage it somewhat.

Radial Disarm

  • Entirely unchanged!

It's good as-is.

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