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A Few Things To Discuss About The Event



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I don't think it'll be possible to get both badges if you keep your support at a equal divide. By the sounds of it its either the machete wraith or prova vandal, so chances are the weapon that didnt get released will be released in a future event, or not.


One can assume based on concept art and the lore that Alad V had found the Berserker frame and will try experimenting her into a weapon, as part of his Zanuka Project.

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You only get 1 badge based on who you fought for more. Corpus badge if you fought for them more, or Grineer badge if you fought for them more.


Unknown, Hopefully which ever weapon is rewarded (Prova vandel or machette wraith) the other will be available in a later event. Same goes for the Tier 3 weapons.


I dont think it is.

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