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Werewolf / Kubrow Warframe:


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A Warframe with an “exalted companion” Kubrow much like Khora’s Kavat Venari.


Its the spooky time of year so why not help build up a monster Frame? We have a mummy (Inaros), Vampire (Garuda), a Grim Reaper (Nekros), Frankenstein (Xaku), an upcoming Wraith frame, and even a Revenant (Revenant). Why not go for broke and build a Werewolf?


Themes - Skinwalker, werewolf, curse, frenzy, summoner frame, etc.



General Ability ideas. Any ideas pleas feel free to throw ideas around or offer constructive criticism.   

1: Cursed Bite: Lunge and bite. Target has a chance to become enraged and "join your pack" and will attack other enemies.

2: Howl: Unleash a howl that grants buffs to self or your “pack” (Teammates) and/or causes fear/ slows/ stuns enemies.

3: Frenzy: Passive where the more “gore” builds up the greater the power granted to self and companion/ pack

4: Were-Kubrow form: Merge with companion to gain a wild form. Bonus buffs and greater attacks. 

5: Bleed Out: Your bond allows you to become your Kubrow and direct its attacks when downed.

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