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Dehtat zaw build advice.


Hi. I got this awesome Dehtat riven, so decided to rebuild the zaw in polearm form. And maybe try out Exodia Contagion which i was finally able to get because of no build forma in its 'event' shop. 

Zaw is Varget II Ruhang, Ktoostra and Dehtat. Tell me what i did wrong here before i commit 6 forma in my build;-) Base gilded stats are 32% cc, 2.0 cd, 10% status. 

Riven is 279.5 cc, 71.1 as, - 68.5 Impact. My choice of slow zaw parts were supposed to be neutralised by that riven. 

Right now i use Twirling Spire stance, Sacrificial Pressure r8, P. Fever Strike r8 (i'm not maxing because i'd need to add forma to couple dozen melees) Sacrificial Steel, Organ Shatter, P. Reach, Drifting Contact a Riven(all maxed) , and a slot left. 

With those mods i have 209.4% CC with 3.8x CD, 14% status. Is adding Blood Rush in the last slot even worth it? Maybe more CD (Gladiator Might) would be better? If i decided to forgo Bloodrush, i could also ditch Drifting Contact. I considered Condition Overload, stance even has some forced procs, but it would require a primary or secondary to spew statuses for best effect. Which i have plenty of, but almost always take weapons on basis: 'because i haven' t used it in a while'.

Also, how do i make Exodia Contagion awesome? I recall reading about people oneshotting Profit Taker shields with it, but my results vary (not killing corrupted moa in Requiem Fissurein one throw) 

Please share any thoughts, suggestions you might have. 

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You don’t need Critical Chance mods with Blood Rush. Blood Rush at 12 combo gives you 720% critical chance (against 250 of sacrificial steel + Sacrifice pressure which is very useless melee damage mod). Good build would be general BR build - BR, Riven , Berserk, CO, organ shatter, dual 90% elemental mod and whatever you want in last slot.

P.S.Honestly I’d rather roll riven to have C.D. instead of C.C., but -impact is very good :c

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