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Kuva Chakkhurr (radiation) Valenz Fusion with a 2nd Kuva Chakkhur (radiation) = Poison (Toxin)?


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Today I have after several weeks farming finally received a Kuva Chakkhurr with base damage radiation to level up the old with base damage radiation.
I had a second Kuva Chakkhurr with radiation wrapped on it and got poison damage out.
How can that happen?
Unfortunately, I have already installed an Orokin accelerator and a warframe weapons adapter.
I brought screenshots with it
I’m extremely disappointed.
I want the Kuva Chakkhurr with radiation base damage!
The 1st image, inside the red rectangle shows the pictogram for radiation.
The 2nd image, inside the red rectangle shows the german word "Gift" (engl. poison / toxin)
The Pictures:
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I will take a guess here cuase google trnaslate is not helping, my guess is you had a toxin chakkhurr at fisrt, then you managed to get a radiation chakkhurr.

Now my guess is what you did is to equip the radiation one then you fused the toxin one into it, which overrided radiation with toxin.

What you should have done is equip the toxin one then fuse/consume the radiation chakkhurr into it which would have resulted into radiation.

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I had 3 Kuva Chakkhurr.

The very 1st was toxin with low percentage of toxin damage and I leveled to lvl 30. The second with a little higher radiation not leveled.

A few weeks ago I fused them.

I equipped the low toxin and fused with the 2nd radiation. Output radiation.

Yesterday I got the 60 percent radiation, I equipped it and fused with the other fused radiation.

After 1st leveling to 30 I saw the toxin weapon bonus.

Thats what I did.

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