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Mod riven bug


Hi there.

The problem is affecting only one of my riven. When i check the stats from my inventory, i get these ammounts.
But when i equip it on my weapon, they are all reduced to this. The lost is pretty significant since the lower one's are used, so I'd like it to be fixed, but first i have to know if it CAN be fixed? 

Oh, and sorry the screen are in french, even tho it doesn't matter much here are the stats in english: 
-Cold dammage
-Critical Chances
-Status Chances

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Screenshot links are broken but 100% sure that your are equipping riven on a wepaon's variant like prime, vandal/wraith/prisma. The inventory riven always shows the stats for the standrard weapon, but for most case, a wepaon's varaint have lower riven disposition.

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