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Octavia resonator and mallet interaction bugged?

(XBOX)Steve Sutton

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I havnt got access to the simalcrum to test properly but after a bit of research it seems like this is recurring...

My mallet will taunt enemies, although not all the time if fresh enemies spawn they will ignore it quite often but does damage.

My resonator will charm but immediately makes for my mallet, picks it up and all of a sudden I go from hundreds/thousands of damage per tick to 20-40.

At first I thought damage resets upon resonator picking it up and maybe infested cant catch up enough to hit it.

After a little while I noticed it rolling through AOE damage and still no change and same effect with corpus and grineer. 

I've seen similar posts that says it is not a bug, but there doesn't seem to be any logical reason for resonator picking up mallet if charm is prioritised over aggro... 

Now if this is a popular topic I apologise for the repetition and ask if there is any acknowledgement or planned fix for this?


Update: after nezha update it resonator with mallet seems to do damage now but does look a little low in comparison but cant test properly. 

Aggro still only works sometimes though as before. Dont know if intended but atleast useable now even if it aggros a quarter or half a group. 

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