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Heart of Deimos: Nezha Prime: 29.3.0 +

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19 минут назад, Cmdr-A сказал:

Just take them into a mission once, and it'll be filled out. Its just a visual bug it fixes once you use them again. And since they're grayed out for you it seems like you haven't used them again since you built them.

if i had them - i OBVIOUSLY would

not to mention that that joke of a method didnt help with the shwaak prism as i have TWO OF THOSE IN MY PROFILE

its not up to me to look for jagged "fixes" for their mistakes, and you can be sure i wont refarm unwanted weapons for that

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Thank you very much for the update! Can't wait to finally beat the crap out of Nihil.


On another note: can we please finally get Spring-Loaded Broadhead via Nightwave's Cred Offerings? I Feel like this mod was overlooked when you guys added some of the Conclave mods to the store! This one has not appeared once in all those months sadly.

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  • [DE]Megan changed the title to Heart of Deimos: Nezha Prime: 29.3.0 +

Heart of Deimos: Nezha Prime: Hotfix is now live!



  • Fixed losing ability casting and weapon functionality when casting Gauss’ Thermal Sunder ability.

  • Fixed Equinox’s Duality Specter not using your Secondary weapon if you don’t have a Primary weapon in your loadout. 

  • Fixed Prex Decorations having a large red box around it when selected instead of just the outline.

  • Fixed a script error when being hit by a glass shard in the Nightwave boss fight.

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2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Fixed the Latrox Une “Sample Collection” Bounty phase taking longer than intended to complete due to the samples not dropping in their entirety.  We found that 20% of the time a sample was meant to drop, it wouldn't.  

Is it just me or is this fix not working, just did a bounty where no samples dropped for nearly 2 minutes.

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2 minutes ago, Alanthier said:

you messed up chat after hotfix.  doesn't work period.  can't pull it up at all.  GG DE

It wasn't working before hotfix anyway.

Looks like it's fixed after hotfix

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Honestly, thank you for this update both for Nezha Prime and for Nightwave: The Glassmaker Episode 5.
Seems like this Nightwave season has gone on forever and it is nice to see it come to a close. Wonder if we will have Nora be the central focus of the next one? Maybe it might be best to have Nightwave in general be on hold for a while so efforts can be put into overall game changes and fixes.

Again, thank you to you and your commitment to provide content during these rough times.

P.S. Octavia Prime news when? hehe

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These Riven dispo changes are getting really REALLY old. 

A Mausolon Riven is still too worthless to slot.

God forbid we ENJOY using a f@#*ing weapon

Don't even get me started on how you need to roll something 400+ times to get a "decent" roll. Forget getting a roll you want.

They didn't even just nerf all of my favorite melee weapons, they somehow managed to nerf ones I was CONSIDERING starting to use.

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Thanks for the update, guandao stats look really great.


2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Fixed Trinity’s Blessing fully restoring Health/Shields of mission objectives. 

Wait it was working like this from forever, it's even in the wiki:


A build focused on Blessing does not need more than a 50% increase in strength. At 150% Ability Strength, Blessing's restoration is 100% and Blessing's damage resistance is 75%, the max resistance Blessing can achieve.

So...is this some kind of terrible nerf or I didn't understand what was fixed?

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