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Another Day, Another UI Nerf

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Before today's update, the Syndicate console displayed the NUMERICAL AMOUNT of remaining daily rep. Now, it does not:


Before today's update, the Mastery Rank symbols looked nice. Now, they look quite bad, in-game:


On top of that, the size and colouring of booster icons have been changed, even though my UI scaling has NOT been changed in a way that would affect the size of the icons.


That mod drop chance booster is barely visible at all, and the other booster icons are also smaller than they were before. I already had to strain my eyes to see them - I did not need them to become even smaller.


All of this, is only what I have seen in the first few minutes of booting up Warframe. There is definitely more to see, but that's all for now.

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I agree. The removal of the numeric display of remaining daily standing is utterly baffling. The new mastery icons look like a complete downgrade. I don't mind the new style and actually like the metallic effect, but the icon itself looks like it was badly scaled up from an even lower resolution.

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With the Deimos Arcana update, there was a change made to every UI screen with a search bar where, upon loading into the UI, the search bar is instantly prioritised, as if it had been clicked. On UI's with a bulk of similar items with the same appearance, such as the Void Relic UI, this change is relatively helpful as it saves the player a click each time (as the player was likely going to use the search function, anyways). Where this is NOT helpful, however, is the mid-mission and end-of-mission UI screen. For my purposes as a solo player, it forces me to do an EXTRA click, as the spacebar I would normally hit to skip the end-of-mission loading-back-to-ship timer is now a space in a search bar, rather than the key that saves me 10-20 seconds after each run. I now have to click off of the search bar to hit spacebar to skip the aformentioned timer, which is quite annoying.


Now, to give credit where credit is due, this is the part 1 thread:

Congratulations, DE. You re-added the numerical amount of remaining daily rep to the syndicate console, solving the problem that you, yourselves, had created. As of having checked today, it has returned:



To end this on a positive note, and not the previous, passive-aggressive one, here's a suggestion:
-Give the players a modular, customisable UI

As we've seen, there are plenty of people on these forums willing to defend an objective downgrade in UI functionality for a subjective improvement in UI appearances. This does not mean that everyone should have to suffer an inconvenience for the aesthetics of a few players and the vanity of DE, however.

Allow players to adjust the sizes of each and every icon individually to suit their preferences, toggle on and off certain options to hide or show more in their personal UI (such as daily standing remaining in numerical amounts, for instance), choose whether or not to have information hidden behind 'hover-over' mouse interactions, etc.

At the end of the day, this would likely not take terribly much in the way of effort to complete. The UI exists as a whole - making it modular is a matter of DE making choices of what they will allow the players to customise and how. The only 'innovation' required would be the tool/menu that allows a player to properly customise their UI, along with the modules.

This not only increases player engagement by allowing players to be in charge of their own UI and updating it to best suit themselves, but for once makes all players involved happy, as all the players get what they want. Even players who couldn't care less about customising the UI (or who see it as too much of a bother to customise) aren't neglected, as they can choose to simply use the UI as-is.

I suppose the obligatory questions at this point would be - why, and why now? Well, money, of course. There's never a time where acquiring more money is a bad idea. How do you monetise a UI, you may be asking? Several examples are already in the game - loadout slots, Warframe/weapon/Archwing/Archgun/Companion/Sentinel/Amp slots, mod config slots, Riven Mod slots, even UI themes (though, some of those had the intention of helping different types of colourblind players, so it is not overtly an example of monetisation).

A dilemma that players who are willing to grind will run into, is what to do with all their platinum, since platinum is incredibly easy to grind by grinding items and selling them to other players. This, coupled with a lack of meaningful ways to spend that platinum with DE (apart from a few fringe cases, such as my own), leads to a lot of platinum lying around.

So, give players something to spend their platinum on - UI customisation. DE has traditionally sold convenience and cosmetics in Warframe, for the most part, so this should be business as usual for them. Adding an extra tile to the UI screen? Pay a small fee of platinum. Bringing in an item from an entirely different UI screen to have to navigate fewer screens to find it? Pay a small fee of platinum. Adding various cosmetic filters and background displays to a UI screen? Pay a decent fee of platinum (players love buying cosmetics, after all). Fewer players will fully customise their UI for functionality since most players are casuals (which is why I think the price of UI customisation for functionality should be low in comparison to customisation for aesthetics), but being allowed to customise their UI screens aesthetically? The casual playerbase will jump at the chance and spend tons of platinum on it, as long as these players have it shoved in front of them that the cosmetic options exist.

Just a thought, either way.

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