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Event : We Are Getting The Way We Want To Die?


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Since we are helping Grineer, I'm sure you all read the following :


"It will also make them stronger"  Also , Alad V never said that he wouldn't attack planet to go and get the Tenno in other area himself while the grinner is distracted aways? And get his plan done even if Grinner win ...


So did we just :


Get Grineer stronger in futur and get our own dead (Hello Kiste players you will like it even more now)

Alad V is sacrifice his own army while he is getting the Tenno on his side , so basicly in the end he win that would mean

We get Stronger Grineer & Corpus (or whatever his project suppose to be?)


So lets say my idea about Alad V is right , wouldn't this mean we lose in both way?



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