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Hotfix 10.5.1


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Hotfix 10.5.1

  • Fixed enemies being caught under asteroid terrain in the “Gradivus Dilemma”.
  • Fixed intermittent gameplay crashes.
  • Added Clan member leaderboards for the event so clans can organize their efforts.
  • Fixed host migration not functioning for Invasion missions.
  • Updated “Invasion Faction-Selection" screen to better indicate progress towards Battle Pay, also added more descriptive explanation.
  • Fixed description of Day of the Dead packs to reflect the proper amount of skins within: 11!
  • Fixed percentage bar UI having a line break.
  • Fixed screen continuing to shake for 10-60 seconds if a host migration occurs while screen is shaking.
  • Fix for invulnerable Stalker.
  • Fix for Grineer and Corpus playing old death and pain sounds.
  • Fix for large chat fonts not working correctly on chat start.
  • Fix for Credit gaining method after bulk selling blueprints.
  • Removed lock down during Invasion missions.
  • Fix for some fonts not showing up in Korean language.
  • More work towards unifying fonts used in game.


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ya I only had 4 missions do this...


another issue I've had was people popping in and picking the other side... right before it starts... thus moving the entire group...




So this is what rimes with Truck right? or so I learned from Kill Bill...



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