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Impossible ascent to Mr 30 [Lack of support]

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Oh, thank you DE, you have added Mastery 30. I have been waiting for it since 2013, now you have added it. Great...

Would you also please solve my bug which is taking away the possibility to get experience points? I've been waiting for 2 months for my ticket to receive even the slightest comment or similar. but no, 2 months of silence.

For the fact that I have invested money in this game I find this support untenable.

I have played all content at maximum. Railjack, Steelpath etc. Now there are 4 new items which should raise me to the beloved level 30. Beside the unsolved bugs that are still unsolved today, my missing companion experience points are not taken into account.

What have I done as a customer that you do not want to give me an answer until today. I know that Corona is raging out there, but even in the home office, digital issues should not cause problems.







Edit: Thanks for your answer. [Support] So this is an error that has not been fixed yet. So I can continue to twiddle my thumbs and wait.

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