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Updated (And More Original!) Warframe Idea, The Warpframe


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Imagine a frame with access to his own pocket dimension he is able to open and close at will.


power one, imagine opening a portal under an enemies feet making them fall in and then you open the portal targeted at another enemy shooting the swallowed enemy at his comrades like a meat missile. ( leveling this could increase the amount of enemies swallowed up by the portal.)


power two, Imagine getting behind cover and sticking your arm in a smaller portal and it appearing behind an enemy as you shoot at them with your sidearm. ( a higher cost ability, leveling it could increase its duration.)


power three,  imagine teleporting behind a targeted enemy and stabbing, smashing , or punching it with whatever weapon in hand.( low cost power for many uses after another.)


power four, imagine making one big portal under a large group of enemies and for a second or two they vanish, after they return laying on the floor screaming in a panic with their health drained, perfect time for a slaughter.


concept will be added when I have time, any comments welcome!

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