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The Cadre - /recruiting/ - Casual & Newbie Players Welcome


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We're a Casual and low key group of Tenno who are looking for others to join us on our endless mission of 'Kill All The Things!'.

Our Plan:
-Acquire all available technologies

-Assist in material acquisition to ensure all Tenno are able to best equip themselves
-Expand The Cadre to include Tenno of all skills and abilities


We currently only have members from Australia (GMT +10)
/// We are hoping to expand to include people from all timezones as the clan grows so that Tenno can jump in and out whenever they are avalible


-Keep profanity to a minimum, it happens in the heat of the moment we know, but leave it there and move on.
-We're here to have fun, so play the game they way you find most enjoyable with people who enjoy playing it that way, be it rushing or clear cutting, and don't have expectations on other people to play it your way

-Respect your fellow Tenno and the differences we all have, we're all on the same side even if you just agree to disagree.
/// Besides, Captain Vor is much more fun to take your frustrations out on

-No one will be given Architect permissions as this is to ensure that at no point will someone be tempted to grief the Dojo, even in jest. All basics are functional however if there is a particular item of decoration you would like to see put up, ask


Message either myself or Kaerian in game or leave a reply here


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