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someone pretending to be moderator

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(Name Removed) is buying Ash, i tell him i can sell it.

I say my price, he didn't accept my price and he forcing me and telling me i will get banned because i'm scamming other guys.
(Name Removed) say he is an Modo and i will be mastery 1.

I just wanted to know, if i can report this guy ?

The conversation is on French BTW

(Screenshots Removed)



Edited by Letter13
Please do not name and shame. If you wish to report a user for violating the rules, please contact support directly. Do not post their name or details on the forum.
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1 -No Naming or Shaming on the Forums, please remove both the player name and Screenshots from your post.

2 - Reports must be sent to DE through the Support Desk which you will find on the Warframe main page or a button on the upper menu here on the Forums.

3 - No one can be banned for not selling things on a different price.

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