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Prime Access pack vs Accessories pack


I'd like to ask that if I purchase the current Nezha Prime access pack, do I still get the accessories of ephemera and armor? 

PlayStation store says for Prime Access: 

- 2625 Platinum

- Nezha Prime

- Guandao Prime

- Zakti Prime

- Exclusive Nezha Prime Glyphs

For Accessories:

- 1365 Platinum

- Ransha Prime Armor

- Baurahn Prime Ephemera

- 90 Day Affinity Booster

- 90 Day Resource Booster

Explanations are appreciated! 

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IIRC, its split up between the gear and the accessories due to the fact you cant upgrade overtime on the consoles like you can on PC. Thus consoles only have the 2 packs vs the PC that has 3 + standalone accessories pack. The final pack has everything in it, and the other 2 packs are just the weapons and the gear.

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11 minutes ago, (PS4)eXe-mplar said:

The Prime Access brings you the Frame and Weapons, Glyph and Platin. 
For the Rest, you have to buy the second Pack (or just the other Pack if you do not whant Nezha, the Weapons, etc).

Ah darn, so for console there isn't a way to get both in one go? 

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5 minutes ago, (PS4)eXe-mplar said:

You buy both, its the same. No big Deal.
Maybe its because the Limit on charge is max 150? Dont know, but when you buy both Packs, you get the same.


They're quite pricy for me (got crappy currency) to even just get one. I'm honestly astounded by the price difference between on psn and steam. 

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Sry, i was wrong.
There is a difference between Consoles and PC.
PC have only Weapons (Consoles not), Weapons and Nezha (Consoles have this too) and all inclusiv (Consoles have the Accessoire Pack).
Thats why the Prices are so different.
The complete Pack is arround 125 bucks.

See here: ss_70d4af83fdd9ed56b8e74d4038d2beb3fe992

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7 minutes ago, (PS4)MysticAridia said:

Follow up question, does Prime Access go on discount eventually? 

No, it doesn't. Prime Access as a set price for both PC and Console. It may be expensive (trust me I know it is, I bought both Ivara Prime and Titania Prime's full prime access package for both of them when they were released), but it's honestly worth the money though. Nezha Prime's especially for the prime ephemera. I'll be buying his full Prime access soon.

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1 minute ago, (PS4)eXe-mplar said:

Think not.
Thats the way for DE to get some Money for they work.
And its not needet. Its a Time saver (just the Armor and Ephemera are Cash exclusive, so thats fair enough for me).

Bummer, but understandable. Now I just wished PSN didn't overcharge for items in different currencies.

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