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Plains of Eildolon falling bug


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So there has always been a bug that made it so none of your abilities worked on the plains, relatively recently it has changed. One way to *fix* it was hop on your k-drive. However now there is a chance you may fall through the ground when you get of your K-drive and /unstuck will not save you. (honestly it almost never help when you have a bug that makes you "stuck") So you start falling endlessly. Now sometimes you can get in your archwing when this happens and sometimes you have hop on your k-drive again and then use archwing. Then you can fly back onto the map. The problem is that there is a chance that you will just fall straight through the ground again as soon as you stop using archwing. The only solution I found for that is to fly into a rock ( I did it from underneath the map.) and that somehow fixes it. All of this is info is from experiencing the bug several times. With how many was there are to get a falling outside the map bug I don't know why there isn't something that detects when a player is a certain distance outside the map and then respawns them inside the map. Maybe there is and it just doesn't work or maybe it tries to just move the player and respawn them like when we revive. The reason I say to a respawn and not move is because; dying, telling people not to revive, and respawning is a universal fix for most bugs.

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