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Shield Ospreys Love The Martialis Corners.


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On Martialis or whatever it's called on Mars, during the Invasion event, Shield Ospreys and other flying mobs tend to get themselves stuck in the top corner of large rooms, of which it took me and my friend half an hour to find.





He was in this room, which was odd considering the enemy waypoint told us something completely different.




Climb up the structure I was aiming at in the last picture and bam, there he is.




Just sitting in the corner, waiting to be found.





Not sure if this was a bug or simply a technique of the Shield Ospreys to prolong their life, or simply their reaction to being in large rooms, but there you go.


This happens with all flying mobs, so I thought I'd put it in Map Feedback instead of A.I. bugs, seeing as this is more to do with the map than the mob.

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Rollers do that, too. Not in high corners, but they still like to stick to the ground and become invincible.


The minimap doesn't even register them as living enemies, only pointing you to extraction, so you have to search the entire map to find them. 

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