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Alternative for war.farm / reliquary / Tenno Zone planner?


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Hi all,

My site Warframe Stuff Organizer has a farming link next to each listed relic, so that my users can just click a link to see where they can get that relic.  Ever since I made the site I linked to war.farm.


For a long time now war.farm is not being updated anymore; it says it's synced with the drop tables from version 24.1.3 (Mesa Prime), which is almost 2 years old now.  In other words: obsolete.  And I don't want to add farming planning to my site; I already have a handful with the current content :)

I do know of a few alternatives (which I use myself too) like e.g. Tenno Zone's planner and Xuerian's Reliquary, but they both do not allow direct links into them with relics pre-selected (as URL parameters)...

Does anyone know of any other site which also lists the farming locations for relics, is kept (reasonably) up-to-date, and allows for direct linking?  ( like site.com/relics?relic=Axi_Z1 )


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