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Current Node Winners?


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How do we tell who has and has not won previously. I joined into this event a bit late, and my current mission for the event is Martialis, and I believe it seems that the Corpus are winning right now, but I'm not sure.


I dont know which faction won on previous fights, nor am I sure who is winning currently. It seems blue is corpus and red is grineer, but I'm still curious if anyone knows who one in previous battles, or how to tell.

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So, over on the side where alerts are, you can see who has and has not won by the faction listed? And one side just has to get more faction wins to be the 'winner' to get the tier 3 rewards then, right?

Or maybe the global victory counts the total number of missions completed for each faction, which probably means a similar result.

But for example martialis is being contended a lot so the number of corpus victories may be disproportionate compared to grineer victories in other nodes that weren't as contended.



Edit: Does anyone know how long the event is? I can't seem to find the days on Megan's post, but it's late and I might be missing them.

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