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(Clarification) Impossible Melee Riven Mod?

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So, I recently got my Melee Riven Mod from Nightwave ranking. I read it, and I'm pretty sure its impossible. To sum it up accurately, "Archwing mode in Plains of Eidolon, 9 consecutive headshots on enemies without being hit with a status". I looked up tips for similar riven challenges but nothing was exactly for this challenge. Here's the problem: A. Meleeing takes me out of archwing (Might be what i need but if were sticking to what it says then it is impossible). I've seen tips like using warframe abilities to group enemies then slam attack them, but would that be (assuming there are enough enemies of similar height) all headshots? If we remove the parts that dont really matter (PoE, status), i have to get 9 melee headshots in archwing mode consecutively. So do I just have to go grind up some warframe's blueprints, craft it, and then group them up and slam or is it more complicated?

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