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Void fissures getting buggier

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I’ve been experiencing lots of issues with void fissures. Here are the ones I can think of off the top off my head. Trying to find a public match sometimes causes my screen to be on an infinite please wait screen and I have to restart the game. And sometimes it doesn’t even try to find a match even though there’s no shortage of open squads. When I join in a match in progress it almost always sends me to the start even though they’re hundreds of meters away and makes me watch the whole cutscene. Inaccurate waypoints or it doesn’t show the extraction. Not being able to choose rewards after the countdown. Not being able to choose relic in endless missions. All players getting to the extraction and it doesn’t register one of them. Doors not opening or delayed opening. Can’t pick up fissures like your in limbo without a limbo on the team. And those are all the ones I can think of right away. I’m sure I’ll remember more as I experience them but the are all the ones I’ve been seeing just the last few days. A lot of these used to happen once in a blue moon but now they’re happening extremely often. Honestly I hope these bugs and some of the other bugs start getting the attention they need. Bugs in this game used to be angering but now it’s just depressing. 

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