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Hydroid upgrade/rework?

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Love hydroid, his skins, and a chunk of his abilities, but he has become lacking in recent years going from a caster frame to a crowd controlling only frame...at least where I see him, he needs really good aoe weapons to make him endgame playable in a fun way. So im just throwing my useless ideas out there to see if something makes sense.

Passive: its fun when useing certain weapons that have slams in their combos, but otherwise really not worth it. My idea would be to take away tidal surge, minimize it as far as the distance, and make it his new dodge animation with a purpose, like limbo. That way he has a constant crowd control while actively moving around the battlefield.

1:I love barage as it is, but the augment needs to be altered since the only form of damage really came from the armor strip you could achieve, and now when you apply corrosive, you get 80% armor reduction. Wouldent be so bad if impact damage dident suck so hard against most things. I say make the augment an out right defense reduction similar to xaku, and not corrosive based.

2: since the displacement of tidal surge, I think a water whip or tentical whip outstretched from his hand, acting as another damage and crowd control. Not really a fleshed out concept, could be like a tentical slam that knocks enemies around, or a tentical swipe that throws a group in a wide cone around...just a concept lol

3: so undertow...I love and hate this ability, cause he turns into a water form....but thats really it....he just becomes water and drown people in a water dimension...I would rather love a water mode where he kinda slides around and gets more synergy with his other abilities. For example, the barage can be pointed forward with more damage and accuracy in water mode. The tentical swipe can be a dual swipe with maybe a combo? And with the kraken maybe have additional tenticals spawn where you move or splash your water while in that form...im a fan of ability synergies lol. The imagery for this in my head is hes a humanoid water form, not a puddle, and far more mobile than currently able in undertow, with damage resistance and not out right immortal lol.

4: I like it as is, but make it like zephyr and when you hit the tenticals it harms the enemies caught.

Just rough concepts, but you see hydroid turn from just crowd control to a more active caster frame...would love at least to see the passive implemented but fat chance on that lol. And I do realise that my suggestions keep the crowd control identity of hydroid, but hopefully with the suggestions above, he can be more fun to play and maybe add more damage potential to builds other than having power strength do little to nothing for him in endgame

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Redefined undertow lol
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