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WTS Ignis Wraith Blueprint - 50 pl

Message added by Letter13,

The only reason you should be posting on a trading post thread is to engage in the buying, selling or negotiating of the trade of goods being offered or sought by the thread starter. Disagreeing with a user's practices/ethics/morality in how they conduct trades is not an excuse to ignore the forum rules and post harassing messages targeting said user. If you want to give the item away for free, you should create your own thread to do so instead of soliciting it here.

Moreover, reporting the thread because you don't agree with how the thread starter is doing their business is not an appropriate use of the forum report function either. It's not a dislike or disagree button, and misusing it is considered a form of abusive behavior. 

Lastly, because no rules are being violated by the thread starter, this thread is being allowed to remain open. If an item can be exchanged through the in-game trading system, then users are free to set their prices however they wish, so long as the price is for in-game trade-able goods. 

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On 2021-01-06 at 3:30 AM, specialboy201 said:

I'm confused, when did Baro have a new Ignis? Isn't this the BP people include in trades for free a lot of the time? If it's a new Ignis then this is a sweet deal. How many did you snag from Baro, are there any left? 

Fully built weapon from baro is untradable. Only the BP can be traded between players or claimed from a clan that has it.

Due to time limitation on the BP, past a certain date, a clan may be impossible to ever have the research, that is the case for nintendo switch players, the clan may exist for some time, just not long enough to have participated in the event and even so it required top 10%, meaning 90% of the clans don't have it.

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Read the pinned message at the top of the thread before posting folks. It will likely save you, me and everyone else a lot of headache.

Users are allowed to sell trade-able items for whatever price they wish. Disagreeing with their price or how they are conducting business does not give you free reign to violate the forum rules. Please follow the forum rules for your own sake.

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58 minutes ago, Radu10 said:

Legit question

How much plat you made with this "charity"? Precise number please, it's for research purpose.

I replied via PM

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