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Warframe Blessing [Discord Server]

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Warframe Blessing is a new Discord server for organizing the daily True Master Blessing (Mastery Rank 30 Boosters).

These boosters are 25% boosters that last 3 hours for a given buff. This duration cannot be stacked and only refreshes for every subsequent buff. These buffs are Affinity, Credits, Damage, Health, Resource Drop Chance and Shields. A Mastery Rank 30 player can only cast a single buff every 23 hours. This server is to organize Tenno across the game to refresh this. You can hold more than one different Blessing (each individually timed). All you need to do to receive the Blessing is to be in the same relay as the person giving the Bless, and you do not need to be MR30 to receive the blessing.

Achieving 100% uptime on any buff of a player's choosing during their active hours will aid players in their journey through the grind of Warframe. As time goes on, there will be more and more Mastery Rank 30 players who can buff others, and this server brings everyone together in order to have scheduled and organized buffs. We are a healthy community already that continues to grow!


Invite Link: https://discord.gg/3hHy5ygR4y

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For anyone looking to join: We already have hundreds of members and many who donate their daily buff to the server. It's free boosters. Everyone wants free boosters.

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