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Kuva Lich is killing other Grineer and NOT enthralling them


I have a Kuva Nukor lich, the Lich's weapon is a nukor with toxin damage on it. I know about the strategy of farming thralls by holding off on killing the Lich so that it will enthrall grineer around it. But I've been dancing around my Lich for almost 5 minutes now and instead of enthralling grineer all around it.... it's fighting them and killing them. What is this? Aren't they supposed to be working together? I was wondering if maybe the fact that my lich has a nukor could potentially mean he's somehow irradiating other grineer- causing them to turn and attack him but the elemental bonus is toxin, not radiation, so I'm unaware of why that would happen. I'm just trying to understand why this is happening. If anyone has any ideas or ways I can prevent this from happening I would greatly appreciate it. Getting 20 process towards the murmurs is much greater than 10. Killing the lich gives 10 unless I'm mistaken. And as far as I'm aware, the Lich can enthrall grineer around it up to a maximum of 10, meaning I kill the lich unsuccessfully, then have 10 thralls left over to mercy. Which not only gives more progress towards the murmurs I need to know, but also speeds of the process of enfuriating the Lich which leads to him showing up more often. BUT as I stated before, he's not enthralling the other grineer around him, instead they're fighting eachother. AGain, please help me find a way around this if by chance it's possible. Any and all help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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