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Ammo Chain vs Quick Reload for voidrig mech?



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on a Necromech, either Magazine Capacity or Reload Speed if you're going to Equip something at all. choose it based on the exact Weapon and whatever is its weakest link.

15 hours ago, (PS4)camwyn-xenos said:

Personally i done see much speed boost in archwing missions with quick reload

that is because it is a Reload Mod, not an Ammunition manufacturing one. in Archwing it will reduce the delay before your Archgun starts regenerating.

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Archgun on mech works same as in archwing missions, thay have infinite reserve ammo. Ammo Chain is RESERVE ammo, which means its only used by archguns held by warframes on the ground. If you want more magazine capacity, there was a mod for that. Reload speed itself affects how quick the archgun ammo is refilled when after it's been fired. 

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