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Hotfix 10.5.2

  • Added counter to Invasion Faction-Selection screen indicating progress for the selected battle location.
  • Added missing translations for Invasion missions.
  • Removed camera shake from Grineer napalm projectile.
  • Fixed enemies getting trapped inside rocky areas where they can't be killed (take 2)
  • Fixed some cases of online presence not refreshing immediately after logging out/logging in again.
  • Fixed Revive prompt not appearing when approaching teammates from certain angles.
  • Fixed missing Mag Prime component blueprint icons.
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Now do something about these crappy Battle Pay rewards. Also, make the Grineer Napalms fire not OP. It's ridiculous.


Never mind, Steve said they're planned, which means that the Corpus rewards are going to get a lot better. Still, Grineer Napalms are still OP.

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