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Banshee should get some sound and visual animation overhaul.

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2 hours ago, sunderthefirmament said:

As long as it comes with a rework to her 4, and not just in terms of visuals and sound.

i want a rework for her, but i'm more focused on sound design now since her animations sound really boring.

as for that rework:

hold her 1 to construct an invisible solid sound barrier that reflects damage back to the attacker, with sonar weakspots amplifying that damage.

hold her 1 while aiming at the ground to create a solid sound trampoline that amplifies parkour velocity by 100% 

her 1 Projectile changed to an arca plasmor-lookalike sonic scream that can hit sonar weak spots and has a built in amplifier in the Ui (similar to black canary in the injustice 2 video game) 

it should look, kinda like this: 

this is something that i designed for one of my old warframe concepts, it was supposed to act as danger level sense, but it can also look like an damage amplifier for sonic boom


her 4's with or without augment should scale again with enemy level and with each enemy that got affected by it


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