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Heart of Deimos: TennoGen: 29.3.1


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12 hours ago, N64Gamefreak said:

Hey, look!  It's available from Baro right now!  Just costs ducats and credits! 😇


Not going to lie, a 3 days booster for purchase is an interesting foot note here.  I'd suggest it's a direct response, but don't believe I warrant such attention.  If I do I'm flattered.


That being said, 3 days.  The update that might make farming suck less is "sometime in November, without any promise dates."  There's the "you might just learn about the new arcanes in patch notes" comment, but it is at best a suggestion it might release in two weeks.  Let's see.... 21 days for 3 weeks of booster.  3 days per booster.  That's a needed 7 boosters.  300 ducats a booster, that's 2100 ducats.  On average about 50 ducats per items (45 for most, 100 for a few), meaning 42 prime items sold to Baro.  That math looks like sticking my hand into a door and slamming it shut.


Hopefully the new bounty structure doesn't suck....but we'll have to see.  We've also been promised a lot of other things by DE for this year, post lockdowns.  The rule of thumb is that these promises don't matter until they're in the patch notes.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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