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Heart of Deimos: TennoGen: 29.3.1


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The waypoint system REALLY needs an overhaul, especially in the kuva fortress and grineer sea lab tilesets. There are many occasions where the waypoints come unbound from the tile itself and say you have to walk right through the walls in order to get to the objective.

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Thanks you! 


Please fix this RAILJACK BUG:

Ever since Deimos came out, you can't see the list of players on your ship in the upper right anymore whenever you're engaged in a station; in the pilot seat, arty seat, or on a side turret. The only way to see the player list and where they are is through the tactical menu or when not engaged in a station. This makes it difficult as a pilot to know what people are doing, or even that anyone has joined your ship at all! Please fix!

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10 minutes ago, itsBRUTALi said:

Another thing hope it is fix , when i try to ride K-Drive i stuck under map im forced to abort mission it hapens a few time ,ORB VALLIS also in CETUS to 

It happened to me when I try to avoid magnetic proc from eidolon. I just sank to the bottom of the map. The only way to fix this is to press melee key and kdrive binded key and then type /unstuck

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19 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

The Great Ensmallening Part 2 - Texture Remaster!

While part one of our first update touched our Lightmap compression, Part 2 brings us to the rest of Warframe’s TEXTURES! This update is a 10.6GB patch to free up 8GB of HDD space.

Key words  here  are " rest of Warframe’s TEXTURES!"

its not 10g for a few skins.... its all the textures in the game atm

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So I'm assuming some older Tennogen skins didn't get the shiny new texture update. My reference here being the Ivara Youkai skin, which in comparison to the redux of default Ivara skins and Deluxe skins... is noticeably dull/flat.

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When these bugs will be fixed? Two months and Limbo is being completely ignored in this regard.

En 25/8/2020 a las 23:58, AJAL8000 dijo:
  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Limbo's Cataclysm AND the passive (10 energy per enemy killed) doesn't work.
  • EDIT #1 (Post-HotFix) : Still not working
  • EDIT #2 (Post Another-HotFix) : Still happening
  • EDIT #3 (Post Another-HotFix) : Only the passive was fixed
  • VISUALWarframe_Screenshot_2020.08.25_-_23.24.0
  • Warframe_Screenshot_2020.08.25_-_23.23.5Warframe_Screenshot_2020.08.25_-_23.23.4
  • REPRODUCTION: -Using Limbo in a Vault mission, Necralisk's post-fight, the Cataclysm will not work the rest of the time in the infested world.
    -Limbo's passive(10 energy per enemy killed) ALWAYS doesn't work, you don't have to do something for view that.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Normal functioning
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Juste create the borders of the Cataclysm but no the effect and Limbo doesn't gains 10 energy when you kill a enemy in the Rift.
    (I love Limbo, pls fix this :c)
    EDIT #1 (Post-HotFix) : Still not working
  • EDIT #2 (Post Another-HotFix) : Still happening
  • EDIT #3 (Post Another-HotFix) : Only the passive was fixed


En 26/8/2020 a las 0:46, AJAL8000 dijo:
  • TYPE: In Game EDIT #2 (Post Another-HotFix) : Still happening
  • DESCRIPTION: Limbo Prime's shoulders and armor are misplaced when he has Harrow's animations (THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN WITH THE NORMAL LIMBO)
  • REPRODUCTION: Limbo Prime with Harrow's animation. (Only with Limbo Prime)
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Good FashionFrame
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Bad FashionFrame
  • EDIT #1 (Post-HotFix) : It seems to be worse than before now
  • EDIT #2 (Post Another-HotFix) : Still happening


En 3/9/2020 a las 23:03, AJAL8000 dijo:
  • TYPE: Limbo sucks in Deimoss


  • DESCRIPTION: All Limbo's abilities in Deimoss are nerfed for no good reason or bugged or simply not working correctly.
    Why Wukong or Baruuk can One-shot the Necramech, but Limbo can't use the rift or the passive?
    Why Limbo just can't do something there?
    Always we need to use Baruuk or Mesa for all the missions in the game?


  • VISUAL: Use Limbo on Deimoss Vaults or Contracts for see it.
  • REPRODUCTION: Play with Limbo in Deimoss (Usually happens when there is a necramech nearby, friendly or not).
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Limbo working like a normal Warframe.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Limbo can't do anything like it usually does in the rest of the game's missions, because it always gets bugged.


En 13/9/2020 a las 20:36, AJAL8000 dijo:

TYPE: In-Game, Deimos, Limbo still bugged. (Yes, Limbo again).
DESCRIPTION: The allied necra-mechs that you can find in the open world of Deimoss, make the Limbo Cataclysm and the passive doesn't work and only generate the edges or the visual effect of the Rift dimension.
VISUAL: Warframe_Screenshot_2020.09.11_-_08.11.0(In this image I am inside of the Cataclysm...)


(In this image I am inside of the Cataclysm...)
REPRODUCTION: You have to go with Limbo to Deimoss, and if some part you find a necra-mech walking around, this will make all of Limbo's powers useless for the rest of the game.
EXPECTED RESULT: Limbo working properly.
OBSERVED RESULT: Limbo don't working well.


En 16/10/2020 a las 15:00, AJAL8000 dijo:
  • TYPE: In-game / Limbo
  • DESCRIPTION: Some enemies proyectiles are not affected by the Limbo's Stasis (2 Ability) or the Rift
  • VISUAL: N/A (Is complicated to see in a photo)
    • When you cut a shoulder from the enemy Deimos Saxum, the projectiles that it will shoot, will not be stopped by the Stasis of Limbo.
    • The cobwebs of Deimos Therid enemies are not affected by the Rift BUT, they can continue to deal damage regardless of whether the target is inside the Rift or not (as if it were a Warframe power).
    • It seemed to me that I saw that the enemy Hyekka Master's flamethrower was not affected by the Rift either and this causes the fire particles to do damage even if the Stasis is activated.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: The Stasis and Rift would be expected to stop and prevent damage from those projectiles from those enemies.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Projectiles deal damage or move anyway, even if they are in or out of the Rift and the Stasis is active.


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Big sad that Nezha Prime's helmet ribbons were not fixed yet as per this topic:

The top part of the red ribbon is superposed to the gold attachment piece because the original mesh file, which most likel has various parts probably has it misplaced in the Z axis -- so it's offcenter towards the front.

Also disappointed that the Ephemera doesn't allow to use the gold from Accents but rather energy. I appreciate the effort, but we already went through this with Rhino Prime. Please, leave the ephemera energy VFX as it was and make the bodies be colored by attachment tints.

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23 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

"Removed the Vitrica from Conclave - it sneaked in!"
"Fixed Vitrica and Vitrica’s glass detonation ignoring Limbo’s Rift mechanics."
"Disabled True Master Fonts (Relay Blessing) applying to conclave gameplay, as it provides an unfair advantage."

Nice. I like these. Hopefully we can see a Conclave rework happen at some point, if you're bothering to adjust some things happening in it.
Personally a PvPvE style mode would be better suited to this kind of game, rather than a straight pvp. Complete missions together with another squad, see who does it faster, gets the most amount of kills, that sort of thing.

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28 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Previously the metal parts of the dragons were locked as gold. Now it takes the primary Energy colour, and if you have the secondary unlocked, the Energy element of the dragons will favour that - so you can colour the metal with the primary and the Energy with the secondary.

That's worse than it was before though? Why does metal take color from energy? It's not like energy colors are used by ephemera exclusively. I don't want my Edo Prime shoulder parts glowing with a combination of yellow and blue, I like it black+blue. And I don't want the metal on dragons turn black. If you wanted to make dragon metal colorable, should've used slot 4 that's mostly used for metallic surfaces.

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hace 23 minutos, [DE]Megan dijo:


  • Disabled True Master Fonts (Relay Blessing) applying to conclave gameplay, as it provides an unfair advantage. 

so now players have even less reason to play conclave without Affinity Blessing 

nice way to take down a nice feature 

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