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Heart of Deimos: TennoGen: 29.3.1

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I have LITERALLY nothing I want from the NW store, can you add something to make getting more credits worth it?

Even something like orokin cells or built detonite injector/fieldron/mutagen mass would be fine. Maybe cycle through some stance mods? There are some I still don't have.

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41 minutes ago, Hystoriic said:

So basically killed the dual-color energy tone on the Baurahn Prime Ephemera, instead of adding a separate color choice for the dragon metallics ... good job .-.
Never too late to add more color options on cosmetics that have more than 2 color patterns @[DE]Megan
Oh Brother Reaction GIF by reactionseditor

"Nerfing" cosmetics too  now 🤣🤣


After, when you change the 1st color to "gold" or other "metallics" colors:

Operator suit color and prime sigil its a mess now, would be nice if we can revert the changes on the ephemera @[DE]Megan like that its not even worth buying because its not customizable at all like other cosmetics (no dual color energy and mess up with other cosmetics).
Prime sigils already looks ugly because the texture are not updated and they look flat and not "metallic" now its even worse, and on warframes same, lost the dual energy color.

I agree. Wanted to buy it but now after the changes to the ephemera just makes me want to pass it.


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2 minutes ago, Cellbound said:

What about mastery rank affinity bug of necralisk companions(vulpaphylas & predasites)??
I achived max rank of all of them but mastery rank affinity is not raise. I reported this problem
to support desk long time ago, but still no news about it.

I cannot challenge true master test because of this serious problem....;(   

Items which can be Gilded only gain mastery when you rank them after gilding. :(

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb Joezone619:

Gonna be honest with you chief... i dont notice any difference period in the before and after.

Yeah, but only because you need to visit a doctor urgently does not mean that this is a bad update.

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2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

This update is a 10.6GB patch to free up 8GB of HDD space.


"useless update 

i dont need the added 8 gb in my mucking hard drive DE i dont mucking need it."

OK.. it was a 10.6 g update.... that freed up 8gb of space after it was done.

so you didnt get an added 8gb....  Now i,m guessing here but it kinda sounds like all the texture files were around 18.6 gig

the update was 10.6 gb... that replaced the 18.6...  leaving you 8gb more space....

granted i scratched this math out on a matchbook cover and it may be wrong...

you should check it =)

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Sorry if im not clear, but i was pointing out at the freed up space which is 8 gb that i honestly dont need.

Would be happy if they added an option to just skip update all in all, alot of people have S#&amp;&#036;ty internet and would be better off without the freed up 8gb space. 


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3 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:



  • Added an additional 30 Nightwave Prestige Ranks (150 max).

    • Our last Nightwave Prestige Rank increase proved to not be enough for those whose retroactive amount put them at the new max. More Ranks for more Crystal Cred!

  • Disabled True Master Fonts (Relay Blessing) applying to conclave gameplay, as it provides an unfair advantage. 

Could use more kuva if nothing else.

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2 hours ago, PETI258 said:

This is an 10.6GB update which only takes up 2.6GB...

False. It's a -8gb update. The game was previously 35GB, now it's 27GB. It replaces what was 18GB of textures with 10GB of textures

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Xaku is the flagship warframe per splash screen how long now ,an nothing to confirm if tweaks or revisiting his abilities is completed weeks now. DE you all getting very boring . I came back from burnout just to be burntout in no time. Nothing new same old boring gameplay. So glad Cyberpunk and Outriders is coming. Not even gonna mash the hammer about the pending Deimos update because we all know when it gets released it will be riddled with bugs as if the (TEST CLUSTER) was a thing. Guessing Tennogen is only to fix the wallet problem.

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i would Not mind at all if we could get back regular Alerts together with Nightwave
because frankly, i miss them & to be able to just join those Alert missions just to have something to do.

Also: Immortal Skins for Prime frames; You're NOT able to disable Prime parts when you select said Skins


Q: Can you Add (Scintillant) to Loid's Offerings, Like the (Cetus Wisp) from Onkko's offerings


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