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Thermia fissures event was hardly touched by playerbase. DE maybe it's time to revisit Fortuna and its spiders?

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Thanks to newsfeed site, hubwarframestats.us, I was casually monitoring playerbase interest on Thermia Fractures.

In... what was it.. about 3 weeks players only managed to grab 20%~ of whole pool of thermia. Simply said: noone cares about exploiter. There's hardly any incentive to do it beyond the quest for getting 100 fissures. And even if you finally get some thermia to run exploiter mum, turns out the boss is also quite unpopular to fight. 


Another thing is Profit Taker.

Thanks to Nightweave and its challenge to kill Profit Taking spider I've learned that:

a) noone actually does PT killing. Players avoid that boss like a plague. Even with NW challenge active.

b) when you finally get a team and try it you realize why 


Boss is wholly unfun to play. It's complicated and hectic. There's some explanation what and why you have to do, but there's no visual feedback of you doing the thing, so at some point I was just spraying bullets from my Mausolon all over spider to see where numbers lit up. All the while I get hammered by neverending waves of clutter-cannon fodder.

PTs final stage was also just as awful. I hate timers. But I can live with them. Problem with PT is, as before, lack of clear goals, which in turn makes you run like headless chicken, but this with clock ticking above your head. Without a sherpa (a guy that teaches you how encounter works) of some sorts I'd have never managed to do profit taker. And even with said person I still trully hated whole experience.

Lastly: There are no good rewards. Spiders don't have to have arcanes in their loot pool, but only toroids/materials is also quite lame.


Make the boss fight simplier.

Make the boss fight rewarding (without pointlessly showering us in arcanes)

I could suggest my idea of boss fight, but I doubt DE cares.

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Not much point doing the event after the first time already getting the amalgam and vandal rewards for the 100 fissures.

Maybe if each time the event came up, New Rewards could be added to the tiers? Give us a reason to go again?


uhh, just throw the weapon BPs into Simaris or something, for players who miss events.

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I used to also have a problem with the Profit taker timer, but that only ever happened when I was running solo. I'm surprised that there would be a lack of player playing PT given that it was one of the best credit farms.

Fissures are sadly not worth much after running them the first time. I closed about 270 of them when they first came out so I've yet to run out of the thermia while feeding it to the helminth. The orbs have some good rewards, but running them feels quite out of the way compared to the rest of the game.

Compared to Eidolons they should've been just as popular due to the arcane rewards you get from them, but I think the lack of the time restriction ironically made less people play it, given the lack of urgency. Perhaps it could also be due to the lack of RNG in arcane reward as once you have what you want you dont need to run it again.(another improvement that lowers player count on the mission)

I think there might also just be a general thinning out of the playerbase over all the content that exists.

I said I did 270, but if you have just 100 you should be able to get all the parts from the exploiter given that you can cycle between 4 players on who adds the thermia. I think the rewards would definitely need to be updated/cycled each time it returned. Best case scenario for me would actually be if you were just able to get the rewards each time it returned. I would like more duplicates of those amalgam mods and the weapons could be converted into weapon slots. Those two reasons alone would give me enough encouragement to get to 100 each time.

I disagree with your final statements, though. I really think the boss fights should not be simplified, they are not very complex to start off with and their phases are a good addition IMO. In terms of rewarding Exploiter is very rewarding, but sadly the value lowers as you complete the fortuna shops, 12k standing for the Vox solaris is quite good regardless, aswell as lots of gems which can become Solaris standing. I rarely run the profit taker, but it can be done much quicker for 6k standing, 125k credits and is an archgun farm.

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PT never got balance passes.  Its pretty much as difficult as day 1??

It is a difficult fight but there are multiple frames that can solo it.  The hardest part is just carrying enough elements to deal with the shields.   Wukong is my fav frame to use for this fight for several reasons.   3 free revives from his passive lol.  His clone to deal with trash on ground.  His exalted weapon gives you FOUR weapons to spread elements across.  Cloud Walker lets you heal very easily(as well as move around the map).   

I use opti vandal,catchmoon, nun-chucks, exalted staff.   Prob not the best options but they work so I stopped looking lol.   


Exploiter is incredibly easy, her fight is just bogged down was stupid long load times and bugs.  Right now she bugs out inside the cave and doesnt move around to her spots like she is suppose to every time.  Then you have the massive, buggy load times at the door to get back outside.....    But I would say Exploiters worst bug is during her fight she can decide to stop making new fractures in the ground.  Preventing you from creating the firebombs you need to take her down.   This happens often enough to be annoying and sometimes she will start making new fractures again, sometimes she wont... and if she doesnt you just wasted 20 mins of your life.  

But when exploiter is working she is way easy and can be done with tons of different frames solo.  

Although I really really REALLY hate how warframes abilities are rendered USELESS during the outside fight.  Its so freaking stupid to prevent us from using our warframes to do what the $^#& they are made to do.  Slow/trap/kill those damn coolant spiders to stop them from cooling off exploiter.   Its incredibly artificial and fake gameplay wise just to waste players time and draw the fight out.    (if you wanna do that the first time for cinematic effect fine,  but when your doing exploiter #20+ or whatever and your wasting our time for no reason go screw yourself.........)


But to your original point................ I absolutely HATE farming diluted thermia from fractures.   I have ran alot of exploiters.  I wanted those fat juicy roids so I could buy those incredibly mandatory operator arcanes from Littleduck so I could sell them for plat.   And it worked =P.  But now...I cant even bring myself to help others even when they are the one paying the thermia.  It just not worth running into game breaking LIFE WASTING bugs.  

I agree exploiter fight should be seperated from the stupid thermia farming from fractures.   Or maybe you could kill a coolant spider out on OV, take the can to a fissure and chuck it in,   This would summon Exploiter and start the outside portion of the fight..   No caves!!!  No load screens!!  No thermia farming!!!


After Arcane they are doing corpus lichs, corpus railjack, and they flirt with the idea of the 3rd OV orb.  I doubt  PT/Ex would get make-overs amongst ALL THAT content but hey we can hope!!  

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Thermia Fractures are really useful for Leveling Mechs. protip

Exploiter doesn't have a reason to play it if you have all of your Mining/Fishing Resources for the Landscape, aye. or if you prefer to do the Mining/Fishing.
Profit Taker definitely has reasons to play it, though.


Profit Taker is very straight forward if you ask me. its face has an icon on it, and that's the entire fight right there pretty much. the Health Phase has Waypoints so that's obvious.
and the Timer is only there as a cutoff to not dawdle around after you get to the last Cycle.
Bosses in Video Games are 99.9% literally just Zelda. whatever you did the first time, now repeat that (maybe slightly differently), two to three more times. 

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Not sure if it's the same on PC, but Orb Vallis is impossible to get into and stay in on XBox. If you're in a group, you're almost definitely going to crash within the first 5 minutes of gameplay. Doesn't matter how well connected you and/or the host are, doesn't matter how many are in a group, everyone's game crashes within the first 5 minutes of loading into Orb Vallis. If you're lucky, you can go in solo for about half an hour if you're just fishing and mining, but anything else is essentially pointless because it crashes. This has been a problem for a while and, still, hasn't even been mentioned in passing by DE as far as I've seen.

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Honestly I always thought DE should cycle/change reward tables for some events and gamemodes monthly or every few months to give people a reason to replay them. I don't mean removing rewards and replacing, I mean moving them somewhere else. 

Obviously this wouldnt work lore wise for planet/area specific rewards like scintilliant, mech parts etc, but for "neutral" stuff like arcanes and some mods and weapons it would. For example moving eidolon arcanes to iso vaults or profit taker etc. 

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Tryed thermia fractures last time it ran on ps4 its become a buggy mess that kicked the squad, what i did play wasn't enjoyable because of the extra mechanics that have been added from the original release version. Mech xp got 0 because of bugs. Thermia is the only reward 

Exploiter is my favorite spider, yes shes slow but i can solo her on a variety of builds, but the only thing reward wise for me now is the toriod for standing

Profit taker is probably the best designed boss fight with actual mechanics in warframe

Profit taker works great if your in an organized group on mic so everyone knows what elements to use. You actual have to get setup for a fight. Hardest part is bring up gear wheel and changing for heavy weapon as this takes time and you take damage. Run as clan or alliance it fun even if your glad its over with. But in random pugs its a mess with everyone changing damage to suit then so avoided not played at all. Rewards mah yes of all it has large pool but some how for the effort they miss. Overall my least liked boss. 

Rewards once you have them are the same as first time around, baro is the same for longer serving players.However bigger fixed lot tables is not the way to go because all that leads to is grind rage general relics is a prime example because nothing drops you want and requires luck. Better smaller rotational drop tables

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