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I Love You Guys


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Now I know some people may have read the title and just said 'what the actual hell?' but I just feel the need to express my feelings.




I have played many online games in my time and I feel the need to say that you guys are some of the best communities in games. When someone asks a question in the chat everyone jumps to help them and I think that, no matter how small it seems, is just amazing. Maybe its the nature of the game. It is almost entirely a co-operative experience after all. But no matter the reason I have to say its just awesome.




I've been playing for a long time now, ever since the open beta weekend, and I have grown to love the devs. I remember the first time I played. Me and 3 friends charging around having no idea what we were doing but whatever it was we loved it. Then I was playing the Gradivus Dilemma with the same set of friends and I just stopped for a moment and thought back. And I realised not just how far we had come but how far the game had come as well. We've seen you guys working through the night to get a patch out, do constant livestreams and listen to the community. It makes me feel like I belong in a way that no other game has made me feel. From the huge mega updates that made my wallet pretty much disintegrate to the little jokes in red text that you guys everything you guys do is amazing. And I know that you guys will probably never read this, and I respect that you're busy. But I felt the need to say something.


So to finish off I want to go back to where I started. I love you guys. Seriously (dis is srs talk).

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