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So Is It The Rng? Or Are The Crappy Corpus Rewards Planned?


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Because if it is RNG, this took the cake. Getting sick of lazy design and imbalance excused by "it's random".

If the imbalance is planned, it also makes me kind of sick. Why does any choice matter at all if people just follow the next best mission reward? Roleplay?

Not to mention that this initial imbalance has probably tipped the scales greatly in favor of Grineer alone by the fact that to be competitive on the leaderboards you have to stick with the faction you have picked, otherwise you basically work against your own progress.

Is this DE's idea of in-game plot and lore? Because it feels pretty unrewarding so far and yet again just another big ******* grind.

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Planned. But still stupid if you ask me.


The heavy Grineer bias at the offset pretty much ensured large guilds that are vying for top of the leaderboards will continue to grind grineer until the end of the event.

So ......... yeah.



Someone posted a picture in the forum where Steve said it was all planned.

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I guess they wanted to make the rewards make sense (Corpus have money, Grineer have resources) and a chunk of people have been complaining about not having enough credits, so they thought the rewards would be fairly even. Apparently not.


Also: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/123435-steve-just-confirmed-in-stream-that-rewards-will-even-out-so-stop-making-the-same-thread-over-and-over/

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Oh my god. I wish I could just throw my morals out the window and take Alad Vs credits. I mean I want to save my fellow tenno but those credits are too good! Jesus, some people like the credits. While I won't get them because I want to support grineer. Even though I don't need the materials.

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Even if the Corpus get better rewards later (seems confirmed by now) this still tipped the scales greatly.

My clan doesn't give a damn about ladder and forces nobody to play on one side or the other, so guess what, people love Corpus and the final Corpus reward but are playing Grineer because of the mission reward since somebody truly sticking to one faction is only going to be penalized for missing out on potatos etc.

Bigger clans that care about ladders etc might force their members to stick to one faction, and that faction right now IS Grineer, and very likely won't change, thanks to that initial imbalance, planned or not.

The event feels hollow and predefined. Not even speaking of the fact that if you pick the wrong faction to grind 100 missions for you will have nothing to show for at the end except a BP of a weapon you didn't want to begin with.

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It takes away from it.

5 Grineer missions + 6 Corpus missions = 1 Corpus mission and 0 Grineer

Okay. I can handle losing 5 to progress if It means getting mutagen masses. 


Personally I want credits. Between making clantech resources and upgrading mods, I spend credits faster than I can earn them. By the end of this I'll have several million. 


Then again... I have no issues with slowly building stuff. Between work and commute I'm out of the house at least 11 hours a day. 

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I don't see how it's crappy. The way I see it is you need to do 5 missions to get those rewards. I can do 5 missions and get 4 mutagen masses but I can't do 5 missions and get 100,000 credits. Also I need the credits more.

You cant get mass,only mass samples.You craft the mass,and it takes half a day

This is basically 120k reward + 3 days of crafting vs 100k reward

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