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My Opinion So Far...


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Hola DE,


I'm just over 300 hours now and have to say I am impressed. I have never been a fan of shooters, always been an MMO kinda guy. Downloaded this on a whim ( even have a ridiculous username because I didnt expect to play more than an hour) after playing dishonered and havent played another game since. Something very addicting about this game and the endless layers of levelling different sh@t keeps me mesmerized.


Had to go grandmaster, not just for the plat but just to support this game.


A few opinions on possible improvements:


* Under the Compatible mods in the "upgrade" section you upgrade your mods at: Would love if it remembered your last selection. i.e. Name, Rank, Polarity. If I chose a by name last time I would love if it would not revert to polarity. Makes for faster upgrading in between sessions without leaving group.


* Your current wars are great: Would love to see these continue with maybe a possible "Ronin" option where you can eliminate both sides for a third option. Awesome idea though. Hope to see more.


* Would love to see some new map options. Possibly an inner core map setting (to keep with the concept, i understand jungles and the like would be a bit out of place) which would allow for a new mapstyle but also randomization similiar to the current sets...just a little different.


Outside of that, please keep up the great work. Love the game, how closely you interact with the players and if your ever hiring post em on the forums lmao. Id love to work for a company like yours =P




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