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[Suggestion] Gradivus Dilemma - Millitary Divisions


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First off, I'm having a blast with this new event, but at every mission I encounter the same enemies.

When against the Grineer, there is this surplus of Napalm's and Heavy Gunners.

Against the Corpus there is a surplus of Elite Crewman and Shockwave MOA's.


It got me thinking, what if...

The Grineer and Corpus send certain 'Divisions' to fight each other?(call it, military tactics or whatever)

They can't send Napalm's to every planet, or can they?


Think like this:

- Grineer Sniper division, you'll encounter a great amount of Grineer ballista when playing the mission.

- Corpus Tech division, you'll encounter a great ammount of Corpus Tech when playing the mission.

I think you catch my flow from this point on.


If you have an idea to build off this suggestion, be sure to post it ;)


First post! \o/

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