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Moframe of Mind 2020 Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Category: Unedited
Mustache: The Magnum
Description: Wanted to capture an original noir detective vibe with of course the best detective's mustache, Magnum ;)
Detective Mesa is on a case of a cold blooded serial killer, walking the misty night, thinking about the murderer's next possible victim.
Scene: Deck 12 


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 https://share.icloud.com/photos/0OpDFNMhFJ3ShZYSrDLaXuOzw.                               Reminder, the following text below is not an actual advertisement. The image above is edited using only Captura.Enjoy!                              

Tenno, have you noticed that during your adventures through the system that your mustache is too long?Or perhaps your current cut does not match who you are anymore? If so, look no further! For Darvos Trimmers is the best tool for the job! For one small payment of 20 platinum you can get the best trim around! Darvos Trimmers, providing the best cut across the system. Available at a relay near you!

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It was a merry mustache, so it had to go on a merry frame!

Edit to add: this is cropped in Paint, but is otherwise straight from the captura.

Edited by Kahrain
Add details about external editing as laid out in the rules.
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Dr. Mesa, who is an experienced medical professional, contributes to the Men's Health in 2020!
This is an unedited work, and I used the Magnum moustache.

To enhance the image of "a doctor," I added a white coat (expressed by shoulder plates and syandana), medical tools (Acrid in reloading action), and a stethoscope (used sugatra and a part of chest plate).

I know the image of my work is a bit gloomy, compared to others' submissions. But, when it comes to health, I cannot stop showing my highest respect for all medical workers in these pandemic days.

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Gentleman-villain Chroma Prime at your service!

Moustache style: The Gentleman
Warframe: Chroma Prime
It gives him a mysterious, villain-ish vibe and if you disagree, he'll quickly grab the Akjagara at his side to discuss with you.

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