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Moframe of Mind 2020 Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Steam Doctor Limbo:“What era is this? Where am I? Is this the future? "

Crewman:"Hey! Who are you! Hands up!"

Steam Doctor Limbo:"No matter what time you go back, there are always so many barbarians."

Steam Doctor Limbo:"Let me show you who I am"

He squeezed the brim of his hat, took away the two steam-driven double guns inlaid with brass hanging from his waist, and jumped up the waltz. The gunfire went out and the screen ended, and a traveler from the steam age continued to search for his ideal utopia.

ps:I hope you like this fictional story. I like limbo very much. So when it has a beard, it is more like a gentleman. This time I tried the steampunk style color scheme. It looks good, I hope you like it too.

Have a good day.

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Mad scientist professor Protea has invented a new classy looking chew toy, specifically for everyone's favorite infested pets. She's now gone to the Perrin Sequence to try to convince Ergo to invest in the mass production of the invention. "See how much that pupper loves the toy? He can't stop smiling at it. That is a smile right? Of course it is."

Submission for Edited Captura image category. I used photoshop to make various edits, changing the color of some mustaches being one example. I thought a white mustache fit the mad scientist look more.

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A big mustachio'd thank you to everyone who submitted an entry for Moframe of Mind 2020! We had an absolute blast going through your Captura these past couple weeks. 

You can watch the full winner reveal with Rebb and Megan from Home Time #33 Here.

Moframe 2020 Contest Winners   

Honorable Mentions


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