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Moframe of Mind 2020 Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Unedited - Captura Only 

Description: Loki The Blood Red Shogun

Bold and Fearsome Shogun, Noble by Birth but a humble man indeed. Kind and compassionate to others yet merciless to his Enemies. a brilliant Tactician in the art of war and a skilled Warrior. Evil's Worst Nightmare.

Mustache: The Inventor




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Wearing this mustache, even in previous years, Excalibur Prime reminded me of some harsh grandfather


The description will be as follows:
Even an old and seasoned warrior of the old war sometimes needs a break between battles

Photoshop was not used. Everything was done in Captura

And now a small spoiler for people from the forum thread outside the main topic of the contest. I warn you, what I will show you, after seeing, will remain in your thoughts forever with you

Contest administrators (@[DE]Helen), please do not consider this spoiler as another image for the contest. The main screenshot for the contest is above. The spoiler was created just to show a funny observation. You can see for yourself


When you put a mustache on Excalibur Prime, you get the impression that it has a full-fledged mouth, and on the lower jaw of this mouth there is a single tooth in the middle. You can see this for yourself :D



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When i see moustache the first thing that pops on my mind are XIX-XX century mexican generals, Volt has those goldish shoulderplates, so Voltfirio Díaz is here. Helios is supposed to look like its feathery hat.

"Now get down and giveme 31 or ill put your orbiter on the railjack track" (ugh, what im doin, none´s gonna get the half of this -,-)

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The Tusker
Like a mustache we must grow in life and move forward, Sometimes we need a helping hand such as the Tenno. Never give up, Never give in my fellow Tenno :3
~Best wishes

(Unedited, only using captura features)

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"And here my space-panda student, Bar-fu was born"

I was inspired by this place because of the choses were made here. This place has high concentration of moral,thoughts and etc. Here was decided should you use your power,or let it flow further. Here our master Baruuk found balance between power and peace,accepting your inner demon. This is revelation, which can achieve only a true Master of his mind and soul.

(Sorry for my garb eng,its not my main lang :D)

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20201106213053_1.jpg?width=1321&height=7Category: Unedited

Mustache: The Inventor

Description: I thought Vauban's combat engineer theme worked well with the Inventor mustache. The Inventor brings to mind intelligence and innovation which perfectly fits with the themes and gameplay of Vauban. (Plus, I think it looks funny on him.)

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My evil looking Limbo Prime, Rockin his Villain Mustache in the Veil, which is where I'm willing to bet all villains go to brood. *cough cough* lotus *cough cough*



Ran through an Image Upscaler (Waifu2x)

Sharpened, smoothened, and blurred to remove any over-accentuated areas in Pixlr)

Slight Vignette Added



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