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Moframe of Mind 2020 Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Well I knew that limbo had a animation set were he took of his hat. So I went with that approach. I would have gotten the tennogen skin top hat but I don't have the money right now. I made this old gentlemen in a grey color to make it look like a old non color movie.  My image is not edited, and thanks for looking at it. Have a wonderful day.



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Iynrzh9.pngThe villainous baron Nekros "recruiting" some new workers for his factories. They're dying to get to work! Our chthonic antagonist brings new meaning to the term: skeleton crew. With a twirl of his marvellous moustache, he'll send them off to his dark, satanic mills...

The moustache is the Baron, which I chose because the idea of Nekros as an early 1900s aristocrat ruling over his downtrodden shadow workers seemed like a good fit. 

This dastardly image was created entirely using captura and nothing else. 

Edited by EnormousSnake
Wanted to explain my choice of moustache :P
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I always thinking is there something missing for my Warframe, and I found it : a Mustache!

Mustache : The Walrus

Unedited, Captura only (switch)

Edited by Maltraice
(I did'nt notice the button for insert a picture, sorry for this "reason text editing", I beginning here...)
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Here is my entry;

Behold the mighty cowboy mustache


Mustache: The Tusker

Description: "In the wild wild west, there was a cowboy named Mesa" Fearsome mustache for a fearsome cowboy. This mustache represent honor, justice and mesa mesa mesa.

(I only used the features available in Captura. PC)

If you liked my photo please leave me a like :)


Good luck to you all; 



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He is no illusionist. He is real!
The Real. Deal. Of the Sea! Even the days of the week bow before him! 
What inspired me? The fact that we can't color the mustaches? That he had to decide between his beloved captains coat and the illusionists mustache? 
No! It was his PURE MANLINESS! *keeps on rambling while going away around the corner* 

(I didn't have to alter it in any way! Because He Is Perfection Prime!)

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