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Would You Say That The Upcoming Event Is Limited?


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For non-american players, or non-halloween celebrating countries, would you say that the upcoming event is rather limited?


In my opinion, I feel like it is. I think I will just skip it. Pumpkin is not a common fruit to be sold and I haven't ever carved any in my entire life. Halloween isn't something that we celebrate at all. All you will see is people going to party events, throw some toilet papers at a friend's house and only a tiny bunch of kids go trick-or-treating.


So, disregarding my thoughts, what is your opinion about this?

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You don't have to carve; you can draw (or paint?) on the pumpkin, for one. Also, they might allow gourds/squashes to include more players who cannot get their hands on a pumpkin. It would be cool if people could paper mache or make a pumpkin out of clay to draw or paint on and submit.


While I do think it limiting, I've seen this kind of contest on a lot of other games that I play. There was always people who could not participate, and there will always be people who can't participate in every event or contest for one reason or another, though I realize this one could be a more widespread crowd. It's unfortunate, but what could they do to expand it to everyone without making it another screenshot contest and not a good ol' Halloween contest?

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