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Here are four ideas that can improve Warframe, if used used effectively.

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Dear Digital Extreme,

I love your game and in the content of the game, as well as years of continuous handwork with new updates every 3 months and miniature updates every month. The game is fantastic. I want to continue my war frame gaming for years to come; so it's come to my attention that this onto would be the perfect time to write you guys about 4 things which will enthusiastically make Warframe more popular, invite new players, keep old players, and give your company time to invent other content to the game without pulling out your hair every time fans demand something new.


Deeper Customization:

Recently I've played Code Vein. It's a great game and somewhat like an anime version Dark Souls or Nioh. One of the main aspects of the game, if not the main, is the character customization. The detail of customization is ridiculous and for better or worse is the reason many gamers are drawn to Code Vein. It's important that Warframe better the customization section of the game. It does not have to be indent but it needs to feel as if it's alive. I recommend body adjustment from head to toes. I recommend eye design implementations, not just eye colors (make the eye infested, Corpus manipulated, Grineer loyal, tenno dedicated, or simply a product of mutation or environmental discoloration).

Other than the eyes and the body, it's important for players to tone up or down the lighting on the characters skin and armors, doing this adds a seen of style and uniqueness to the character beyond just hair style and skin color Lastly throw in face paint, freckles, skin sag, and effects of robotics under the skin, or steam through cuts, or cracked skin from weathering.


A Metal Gear style of campaign, not Metal Gear replicated, but unique to Warframe only:

A future update with interesting features to it should have in the campaign, Metal Gear style aspects. Being its own thing with no connection to Metal Gear, Warframe gaming needs sub bosses that the tenno take on in stage. Each stage needs to feel like a stage climbing the ladder closer to the final boss. In the codex under the campaign quest, it should say the name of the various locations you must explore before unlocking another hidden question mark discovery. Each unlock question mark shows the boss to fight and under him is his henchmen you must defeat. Unlike all other quest in Warframe this campaign would feel like the player is following a specific path from one unimportant location to another beautiful important location, to a bizarre important location, to an extremely beautiful, dangerous, and final fight location. The master above all at the end is an evil tenno who rules a distant galaxy.

In stages this campaign should be Metal gear like in environment and boss battle should have an open area which has walls to hide behind when under gun fire, camouflage vegetation or weather conditions to interrupt detection, and a counter melee set-up when nearing a boss. The boss should take 15% melee damage before countering a sword strike, Zone of Enders style.


Organizations specific to Tenno Schools returning to the Origin System:

We've never seen an evil operator boss before. It may seem high octane at the moment but the inclusion of various hidden organizations that have operator that participate in the various tenno schools is a good idea. These organization are like investment companies that want the best and brightest warriors working for them who participate in a specific school. The tennis selected by these organizations go on to becomes legendary frame operators.

One such operator was so popular and scary at the same time that he literally conquered an aggressive galaxy in half a century. Rebuilding that galaxy as totalitarian and went on to conquer other galaxies. This tenno then return to the Origin System to see that things set-up by him did not go his way. He know has to set his sub bosses to deal with the tenno of the Origin System.


An afk aspect to the game, or squad selection of Warframe bots to assist in mission:

As you may already know, the aft system of gaming is growing rapidly on mobile. I believe during this new age of gaming it's important to see the next stage of Warframe gameplay configuration when it comes to combat. The steps to intelligently make an afk which works is to have a program folder specific for Warframe bots that are designed for afk. each frame will have a code attached to them to mark ark and when the user select afk, the system goes to the ark folder and subfolder which house the frame selected for afk. Once in mission once the player goes afk, the auto feature bot takes over and continues the mission. This bot will also be smart enough to make energy and health pick ups a priority over mindless fighting without thought.

The alternative to an afk should be squad set-up of Warframe bots selected from inventory. In mission a player can either solo a mission alone or make their own squad with bots that have three commands. These commands can be either "Attack with weapons only" "Rotate attack with powers and weapons every 60 seconds" "Seek Health and Energy and heal frames only" I hope these 4 suggestions help the improvement of Warframe or at least give you guys ideas to work with that might be beneficial for Warframe in today's gaming market.

I want to see Warframe become legendary. If I continue to buy products and support artists not much is going to happen to the overall game itself, that's why I'm writing you guys, the designers and creative thinkers of DE, this letter. Maybe these suggestions can make a difference, if implemented in the game before mid 2020.

Kick it in the ass DE!

Sincerely, Magheed
Path of Sundai Gaunlet

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