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MR30 Blessings issues

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I've been blessing for the past few days, and I've noticed multiple things that aren't quite right.

  • I don't get a notification from the top of the screen when I bless.
  • I don't get to see blessings show up in the notification section until after I leave the relay.
  • I do not see any kind of visual effect on myself or others.
  • I don't get to see a Warframe replace the default statue.

All of these things apply when I am blessed as well as to all the people I bless.


EDIT: My issue has been resolved, I do not know what changed, though it does seem to come back occasionally.

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I've been having issue with the blessing as well. The first time I do the blessing I do the animation.

However that has stopped and I get no confirmation that a blessing has been applied. No UI or interaction. I only know the blessing has been applied once I leave the relay.

Today I attempted to bless the relay with my friends. Again no notification or indication of blessing being applied. Further more they did not get the blessing and it only applied to me.



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I also want to add to this. I've seen other players give out the blessings, but whenever I give out the blessing (credit, affinity, resources, doesn't matter), I get no notification, no one sees that I gave a blessing and I can't see my blessing until after I've left the relay.

This only happens to some players though. I was in a relay where 4 MR30 players gave blessings and it worked for 3 of them but not me.

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I have the same problem sometimes, and I am just mastery 29, so just relying to someone to bless.

  • No notifications to me, when someone bless.
  • New blessing don't show up in booster notification list, until I leave relay.
  • No visual effects, no sound, when someone bless.
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