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What Is Desgin Council?



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Design council is granted to Master and Grand Master Founders. We essentially see, discuss, create, and vote on items before they appear in-game. (To my understanding :T)

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Dear StanicEnemy,



Design council is the pre-release channel. Containing the things coming up soon/later.

There are some votes topics which have multiple steps.

Open topic about topic X (new warframe, new weapon, new tile-set, new whatever)

Open idea about chosen topic.

Then a phase of voting for a choice from several answers by poll.

And then the last more of a suggestion phase.


I hope this answers your question.





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It is fancy name for people that invested some money in this game. DE gave them this council so they can feel important, but in the end they dont decide on anything. And they are hated by the rest of players ( without real reason ).


Honestly, you don't need to post things like that, because, plain and simply, you're wrong. The design council does actually account for a lot of the choices that DE makes, because they actually like their players opinions. This section is for players helping players, not upset players spreading false information, try a little harder.

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you see there is a difference between listening to players opinions and not leaving them any choice on the matter. yeah well you should read Nugget's post about DC. Some obvious and right thoughts there.


however, taking into consideration average game experience of DC member i find this move from DE as correct one.

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