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Contest Voting [Poll]


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Now I really think we should have this now.

Let the people vote their winners?


You can probably narrow down the entries to your favorite 10/20 or whatever #.

Then have them all in one thread with a poll and let the community vote.


This way, we all have a say on who deserves to win.

This way we know it's not just random.


Feel free to tell me why this is a bad idea.

Otherwise, upvote if you agree.

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That's a good idea! No more complaining over the results... Wait, never mind.

But seriously, this would be awesome.

Most forums I've been to have that option not really sure why we don't have it here.


No, the way we vote for them is by killing the opposing faction. Stop being lazy and go kick either Corpus or Grineer &#!.

Um... I'm talking about future "Contests" allowing voting of entries not the current "Event".

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