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Pluto Solo Progression


Hello everyone! I'm not super new to Warframe, however, I haven't really actively played since Hildryn came out so I'm quite out of the loop to be honest. On top of that the person I previously played together with is no longer interested in  Warframe, so I'm on my own now.

I am only Mastery Rank 6 and currently on Pluto. Sadly there are almost never ANY squads open for missions  and so I am forced to play them alone. I'm not quite sure what I am doing wrong or what I have missed, but I frequently get absolutely destroyed even during normal missions. Can some one tell me some weapons / mods / frames I should farm so that solo play becomes more viable? Because I would really love to progress the story quests but doing all missions on my own is just a pain in the ass. 

Here are the frames I have: Volt (starter frame, maxed), Nezha (maxed), Oberon (lv 28), Equinox (new, lv 8). Here are the mods I use mostly:


And here is the main weapon +mods I use (basically the only ones I have):


I'd appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction!

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Get rid of redirection / fortitude, consider getting steel fiber / corrupted mods / split chamber, maybe also start consider getting Augur mods, start farming relics to get formas and use them (maybe not on the Sybaris tho).

What about your melee ? you'll eventually get to the point where you'll start spamming melee as it allows you to dodge easily & cut through everything, especially with Nezha.

Get rid of "utility" mods from your sybaris like fast hands / stabilizer / magazine warp and get yourself some sweet Magnetic combo to melt ennemies's shields down.

Eventually, look for a clan, because some missions on Pluto will get really painful in solo for a low-stuffed player, else just wait in the lobby for somebody to join, maybe even change server to get a to a populated one, I'd like to help you but unf. I'm not on PC anymore.

If you're still struggling, then pause your exploration a little bit, so you can farm frames & do codex quests, farm mods, primes and stuff.

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What you're missing for your weapon is a multishot mod. You're approaching levels where those become absolutely essential, so I highly suggest going and farming Split chamber - should be within your range.

Another thing are elemental mods. Again, absolutely mandatory for where you're at, as it's more damage. Even basic 90% ones should do the trick. Or you can take a shot at dual-stat ones, with status chance. Though they are going to be a bit trickier to acquire.

On your warframe, you need to get corrupted mods. Those can be found in regular missions on Deimos, inside the vaults.  You need special keys to enter and loot them. Corrupted mods are cornerstones of any proper warframe build.

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Here are builds for Nezha and the Dex Sybaris  based (mostly) on the mods I could see you have.  I tested them and made it through a Exterminate on Pluto pretty easily with just these (no other weapons), although I did have to run from the Ambulas moas that spawned.  First Nezha:


To tell the truth, Nezha isn't really a 'Frame to use shields on, I only included redirection because I assume you don't have rage, which removes the one major benefit of having less shields, Nezha is more of a Health tank with strong CC.  Two major things to keep in mind when playing him: his 3 is a flat reduction to all damage you take, so you pretty much always want it up, and enemies hit by his 2 will drop health orbs when they die if killed quickly enough.

and the Dex Sybaris build, again based on the mods I could see you have.


I'd generally argue against faction damage mods like Bane of Corpus, but if it's all you have you might as well use it.  Elemental damage is always a better alternative, I saw Stormbringer in you mods, if you have Cryo Rounds it'll combine with stormbringer for magnetic damage which will break shields faster.

Honestly, If these are the best mods you have, rather than trying to push through Pluto, it would really be to your benefit to go back and farm out some others, especially a non-damaged continuity, Multishot mods, and the various elemental damage mods.  Probably the most important though is Rage or Hunter Adrenaline, as they will provide energy on health-tanks like Nezha.  You can get Rage from containers in level 20+ void missions, which shouldn't be too hard.

For Nezha I'd recommend a build more like this:


Hunter Adrenaline can be replaced with Rage, and you can use lower-leveld versions of other mods if need be, it won't make much of a difference for now.  This is basically a lesser version of a build I use to run missions with levels going into the hundreds.

Honestly, I'd recommend just ditching the Dex Sybaris and using something else as your main weapon.  The Dex Sybaris isn't bad, but it requires a lot of investment to get the most out of it.  From the Market, the Hek (a shotgun) has been a reliable fallback for me for years and melee weapons are probably just the strongest weapons right now.  You'll get access to even more excellent options if you join a clan.  If you insist on sticking with the Dex Sybaris, I have a no-forma build below that should work for now at least, but if you want it to lats as a weapon you're going to need to stick a lot of Forma on it. 


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8 minutes ago, Shinmai1337 said:

I guess I really should focus on mods right now and see where I could go from there. :) 

This is 99% of your progression from here on out. Outside of a couple isolated gimmick boss fights, skill is no longer a factor in your success. Welcome to the grindwheel, Tenno

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For nexha, what you need is more ability strength as that bumps up the number for the warding halo (#3) ability. Mine is about 3000 points of damage absorbtion, and never expires (until damaged, obvisously). So duration mods are almost useless for Nezha.  Efficiency helps energy usage with that too. For health, you want armour more than shield - you have a magic shield, but once its gone you just have to last a bit before casting it again.



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