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Can Anyone Confirm: Event Rewards Given Based On The Sum Of Grineer And Corpus Missions, Or The Difference?


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Thoroughly read this post clarifying the rules, and take note on the bolded parts: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/122997-understanding-the-gradivus-dilemma-event-breakdown-confirmed-by-rebecca/page-3#entry1456581


It should answer your question if you read it carefully enough. Basically, if you side with both factions, it hurts your battle pay and leaderboard scores. Outside of that, the event rewards require a total number of missions but the majority of them to be for the faction you favor the most. So you can run 48 Grineer and 52 Corpus missions to qualify for the total 100 but remain a Corpus supporter.

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Tier 2 rewards only require you to do 25 mission whether it be the grineer or corpus.


As for tier 3 rewards, the deciding factor is who won and who you supported more, having done more missions.

If the faction you are supporting, the tier-3 weapon you get is supercharged with a slot, If it loses, then you get the weapon blueprint of the winning faction.


E.g If you support Grineer and they win, the weapon is with a potato and a slot, and if the grineer lose, you get the weapon's blueprint of Corpus.

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