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Cant use Escape key and can only be solved by force closing the game

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Yes, i have it from time to time aswell, often when i idle and do other things while alt tabbed, but it's not consistent and i can't reliably reproduce it.

One easy way to solve this without closing the game is by having something in the foundry that you will never claim, meaning when the issue happens you can just go to your upper right corner and click the foundry item that has completed, this will teleport you to the foundry and fix the issue.


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I know this bug, I thought closing the game is the solution as well but I found a different solution, well at least a solution to if this problem happens on Cetus / Fortuna / Necralisk hub, not the open world. The solution is just go into the open world wait for the gates to close and then go back into Cetus / Fortuna / Necralisk.

I hope this helps so for the next time you won't need to force close the game.

Or as Kireek said, clicking on an item from the foundry, that can be a solution if this helps while in navigation.

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